Felix Hernandez Locked Up

The Seattle Mariners are putting together one hell of a franchise. With easily the most efficient offseason of any team, they locked up King Felix to a five year-$80 million deal, traded for co-ace Cliff Lee, traded for oft-troubled but nonetheless productive outfielder Milton Bradley, signed Chone Figgins to a multi-year deal and brought back fan favorite Ken Griffey Jr.

The Mariners are now the team to beat in the American League West. With the Angels losing John Lackey (and not doing much to replace him), they have a gaping hole in their rotation—something that the Mariners are not lacking. Moreover, the Mariners traded for Jack Wilson last season and still have perennial All-Star Ichiro Suzuki.

And they have some good young arms in the rotation/bullpen: Luke French, Garrett Olson, Mark Lowe to name a few. Not only should they be a favorite in the AL West this season, but if they have another great offseason next winter, they could put themselves in a position to be playoff contenders for a very long time.

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