Jason Bay Got A Fair Deal

Newly signed New York Met Jason Bay received a four year $66 million deal. Some say that he is overrated and getting too much money. These people are wrong.

Numbers show the entire story.

Over 162 games Bay averages:

33 HR, 107 RBI, 34 2B, 102 R, 12 SB, .280/.376/.519

Again, those are his 162 game averages—not his seasonal averages; Bay has played 162 games once over seven seasons.

If you put a guy in your lineup with those numbers, he will of course make your lineup better. There are certainly other outfielders that will put up superior numbers, but you cannot put a price on health.

Bottom line: Bay is durable. $16.5 million is a lot per season. But this is your three or four hitter. If you are a big market team (as the Mets indeed are), you can afford that price tag.

All that being said, why would Bay go to New York? I would’ve opted for less money and an actual chance at winning.

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