What is Baseball Stud Poker?

Someone recently asked us about a game called Baseball Poker – a card game (poker variant) that’s supposedly related to baseball. Here’s what we could gather on the subject.

To put it simply, Baseball Poker or Baseball Stud Poker is a variation of traditional Seven-Card Stud with some baseball-related twists and special rules. It’s definitely not a poker variant you’ll find at Vegas casinos, but it’s a fun game that’s sometimes played it in small-stakes home games, so it might serve you well to know the basics.

The main difference from regular Seven-Card Stud is that Baseball Poker involves wild cards. 3s and 9s are the usual wilds, and players who are dealt a face-up 4 get an option to buy an extra card (or it’s given free depending on the rules). In some games the queen of spades also holds special significance as it’s called a rain out that ends the hand.

Night Baseball

There’s also a poker variant called Night Baseball. Like in Seven-Card Stud all players receive seven cards in total, but they are all dealt in the first round, face down, and the players are not allowed to look at their cards.

Just like in Baseball Stud, 3s and 9s are wild and 4s allow you to buy an extra card. The dealer starts by turning up the top card from the deck and play continues clockwise. Each player must in turn beat the previous hand with their own – turning over one card at a time. Players who can’t beat the previous hand are out of the game. If they do beat it, however, they are allowed to bet, and then all remaining players must call, raise or fold.

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